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Who are we

Finnish Composers’ Copyright Society Teosto is a non-profit organisation founded in 1928 by composers and music publishers, to administer and protect their rights. Teosto represents more than 33,000 Finnish and almost three million foreign composers, lyricists, arrangers and music publishers. We collect and distribute royalties to the music authors and publishers we represent, for the public performance and mechanical reproduction of their music in Finland. We act as a link between our two customer groups, music authors on the one hand and companies and communities that use music on the other. Our job is to enable everyone to enjoy music easily and legally, and to facilitate the use of music as a tool for business promotion.

Teosto is dedicated to securing a sustainable environment for professional music-making in Finland and to ensuring that Finnish music continues to be performed, now and in the future. Part of our work involves promoting the rights of music authors and music publishers, so we actively take part in social discussion. The key themes behind our objectives include improving the occupational and social security of music authors, supporting entrepreneurship, promoting cultural export and music education. In our operations, we utilise up-to-date research and market information both produced by Teosto and acquired from external sources.

Teosto’s research actions are conducted in collaboration with different music industry operators, higher education institutions, the market research industry, companies, scientists and other interest groups on research actions. Teosto has received financial support for research projects from European Commission, Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland, The Finnish Music Foundation and Business Finland. Teosto Futures Lab is Teosto’s platform for research and innovation. Teosto Futures Lab framework is based on networked open innovation, customer driven development, service design and systematic technology and market foresight.

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