INTO School

INTO SCHOOL is a unique Finnish education concept and a complete Teacher Training Program with the global goal of having technology-supported creative learning as an integral part of ECEC and K-12 education. INTO SCHOOL links modern technology with the world of education, and is built upon the best pedagogical practices available.

photo: INTO School

INTO SCHOOL is based on the recently introduced National Core Curriculum in Finland where utilization of technology, creativity and active participation are pivotal parts of all transversal competences in K-12 education. Our concept offers the know-how to implement the new Finnish curriculum by bringing creative projects in tomorrow’s STEAM education and future-focused learning via music, visual arts, drama and storytelling.

INTO SCHOOL delves beyond arts and technology by fostering life-long learning, 21st century skills, and creative innovativeness to prepare students of all ages to future ventures and success.

INTO SCHOOL offers a solution to challenges brought by the era of digitalization by:

• INSPIRING students to take on a creative journey from an idea to a finished work
• OFFERING expertise in digital technology from kindergarten to high school
• NARROWING the gap between arts, technology and science
• CREATING new experiential pedagogical approaches and learning environments
• STRENGTHENING the role and status of creativity and collaboration in education

INTO SCHOOL is developed by an Award-winning teacher, professional composer and producer team made up by Finnish music & education experts – Janne Hiedanniemi, Tuomas Hiedanniemi and Kari Saarilahti. The concept is supported by The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

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