Society Artisjus is the association of Hungarian music composers, songwriters, authors, writers, poets (their heirs) and music publishers. Artisjus distributes royalties among more than 10 000 directly represented authors every year.

As a society it is Artisjus’ mission to manage its members’ rights in an effective and transparent manner, to represent their interests and provide them with information to support the legitimate use of their works.

As a non-profit organization with a long history of operating in the music industry, we wish to promote the social and physical environment of this industry. We want to support the creation of quality musical works and to make those accessible to the widest possible audience, in order for the whole society to recognize the role of music creators and become aware of the value their works represent.

Artisjus is committed to managing copyright issues with outstanding professional excellence, maintaining a sustainable and author-centered operation.

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