Future Songwriting – A Creative Journey

Invitation to the project closing webinar Future Songwriting has introduced composing with digital tools in classrooms in Finland, Germany and France, producing 100 songs and training 81 teachers. Aiming for equal access to music regardless of background or whether one can play an instrument, the project is rooted in Finnish education and combines best practices, […]

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Future Songwriting has restarted

After a long COVID-caused break and the summer holiday, creativity and digital tools have been moving back to the Finnish, German and French schools. The Future Songwriting project is a European project introducing a new model to music education which wakes up kids’ inborn potential to engage and develop with music.   Back to school […]

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About the Future Songwriting Research

The Future Songwriting project consists of teacher training, school pilots and scientific research to develop tools and methodology for the future of music education. The two-year project is co-funded by the European Union Creative Europe Programme.   Training for teachers   In the 21st century, digital technology has become more and more important in education. […]

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Important information #COVID-19

Due to the current circumstances caused by COVID-19, schools in Finland, France and Germany are now closed therefore our Future Songwriting pilots are on hold at the moment. We are investigating every scenario to get back to you as soon as possible. The research linked to the pilots & the teaching method is actively running […]

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Writing Songs in Class

Writing songs can be the teacher’s magic trick: it’s cool and fun, the kids love it, and it also develops creativity, cooperation, life skills and self-expression. Just grab an iPad, headphones, launch the pre-installed GarageBand application and explore what today’s technology has got to offer for the future of education. The Future Songwriting method, child […]

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Digital Tools Aid Creativity

The first year of Future Songwriting saw many milestones: the first pilot outside Finland: in Cologne, Germany; an appearance on children’s TV; lyrics in both Saami and Finnish written by kids in Finland’s northernmost school, and a teacher workshops in Hungary. The team behind the Future Songwriting concept: Kari Saarilahti, Janne and Tuomas Hiedanniemi of […]

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Future Songwriting in Cologne

This autumn saw a meeting where all Future Songwriting partners got together to exchange their ideas and experiences halfway through the project. Participants could see how the first ever pilots to take place outside Finland were progressing; through a teacher training and school visit in the welcoming city of Cologne. Colleagues from our local partner,  […]

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Creativity is the Key to our Future

Future Songwriting was presented at the Creative Transformations Conference, held in Helsinki as one of the event series celebrating Finland’s presidency of the Commission of the European Union. Organized by Finland’s Ministry of Education and Culture, the conference saw inspiring talks on the key role of culture in sustainable development, and how policies can buttress […]

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First Pilots a Smashing Hit

The first two pilots of Future Songwriting closed successfully in May. We are looking forward to a busy autumn, where the Finnish method will be tested in Germany and France, and continue in Finland. “This is the starting point of something.” – Kari Kivinen, School Principal at HRSK Aaahs, aaws, tearful moments and proud applause […]

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