The Concept

The core

The core of Future Songwriting is the implementation of modern technology in creating music. The project offers answers to the challenges and opportunities of the digital era by establishing technology-supported creative music production as a natural part music education and learning in European schools. Future Songwriting supports these goals by offering children and teachers’ specific tools, encouragement as well as the experience and joy of working together. The project aims to:

INSPIRE young people to take on a creative journey from an idea to a finished work

OFFER expertise in digital music technology to schools

NARROW the gap between the arts, technology, and other school subjects

CREATE new experiential pedagogical approaches and learning environments

STRENGTHEN the role and status of creative production in music education

INCREASE THE UNDERSTANDING of copyright and ownership of music

INTO School concept

The Future Songwriting project is based on the INTO School concept: a comprehensive model and method based on the Finnish curriculum for K12 education. It focuses on two parallel aspects of musical creativity: strengthening students’ active role in music creation both individually and as part of a team; and bringing technology into the classroom to assist the process. Teacher training and school projects familiarize participants with technical tools that can be adapted to many different skill-sets and environments.

Project Consortium

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