With the final pilots finishing in France last week, and research still ongoing, we are closing an eventful year. Like so much else, Future Songwriting also had to be rethought, reorganized and rescheduled. We also experienced that core values, such as creativity, flexibility and empathy not only kept this project afloat, but brought it to a successful finish.

As a European project connecting countries, schools and people via the international language of music, it has been very successful despite the year’s challenges. In the course of the project:

76 teachers were trained, 388 pupils tried songwriting with digital tools and 122 brand new songs were born.

Empathy, always there in successful education, pretty much defined the creation of songs. As the kids in Cologne recount, many of the songs were about expressing beautiful, hard, easy or complex emotions. They couldn’t have been born, and couldn’t be recognized for what they are, without empathy.

Listen to all the songs created by kids during Future Songwriting pilots here, or by visiting our Soundcloud account!

Understanding what works best for teachers, and what keeps them motivated, was also the centrepiece of the research carried out by the University of Arts Helsinki. Preliminary results point to the enabling role of Future Songwriting trainings, very much tied to how participants were handled:

“Especially the warmth with which we were welcomed, I liked that very much, so you always felt you were in good hands, even with your not-knowing!”

You can read more; our summary of the project’s results and core aspects in this brochure, tailored to inspire even more teachers to get down to digitally assisted composing in the classroom, and recruit the songwriters of the future. Follow the Research subpage to see the list of publications related to the project.

Flexibility and creativity were of course necessary to handle the challenges posed by the pandemic, but in this respect too the project’s participants fared well. As Janne Hiedanniemi of INTO SCHOOL puts it:

“Of course the pandemic has been a challenge for everyone in many ways, but at the same time it has been a great learning journey for us, the schools, and the whole Future Songwriting community. We managed pretty well to host the pilots through online platforms during the lockdowns and restrictions.”

We are wishing you Happy Holidays and a New Year full of empathy, creativity and music!

Future Songwriting introduces a new model to music education. Using creativity and digital tools to activate children’s innate potential; the project aims to pave the way for the future of teaching music. The two-year project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Commission.

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