Pupils and teachers of two secondary schools in Cologne, Germany share their experience of the creative journey they took with Future Songwriting. No need for a lengthy introduction, as the kids tell it like it is, but the joy of creativity, freedom, cooperation, as well as a love of music – the core aspects of Future Songwriting – shine through.

“It’s nice to meet people who value music the same way you do”

-a pupil from Realschule im Kleefeld

Listen to the pupils and teachers of Realschule Im Kleefeld:

“I found it really interesting to get to know my pupils from  a completely new angle, almost like meeting them for the first time.”

-Stefanie Everding, music teacher at Realschule im Kleefeld

The topics range from friendship through bullying to heartbreak, or just anything the young creators could think of. As also witnessed in other pilots,the kids in Cologne wanted to tell their story;  and enjoyed the freedom of using digital tools.

All the pilots were accompanied by research, and the team from the University of Cologne observed the composing strategies employed by pupils. Learn more by taking part at the webinar on 10.12., or by visiting the Research subpage.

Check out how the kids and teachers at Kaiserin-Augusta-Schule liked Future Songwriting:


Future Songwriting introduces a new model to music education. Using creativity and digital tools to activate children’s innate potential; the project aims to pave the way for the future of teaching music. The two-year project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Commission.

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